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At the End of the Mirror River

An MSC cruise will take you to Kochi, situated in the prefecture of the same name, on the island of Shikoku. You can visit Kochi castle on an excursion; it is one of the twelve Japanese castles to have survived fires, wars and other catastrophes of the post-feudal age.

It was built between 1601 and 1611. What you can see of the building today however, dates back to 1748, the year in which the castle was rebuilt after a fire. Curiosity: its main tower was not used only for military purposes, but it was also the residence of noble families. Quite unusual, since the nobility would usually reside in other parts of the castle. The wooden interior is typical of the traditional style of the Edo period.
Near Kochi harbour is the picturesque beach of Katsurahama. In the local restaurants you can eat Katsuo, a type of tuna which is typical to Japanese waters, cut into slices and lightly grilled on straw fuelled fire which gives it a slightly smoky flavour. 
Seventy kilometres from Kochi there is an unusual tourist attraction, the ancient Kazurabashi Bridge, 45 meters wide and 2 metres wide, it stretches 14 metres above the waters of the river Iya. Today, the bridge – which is made from Actinidia arguta wood, a kind of vine similar to a kiwi plant – is reinforced with steel wires. It should not be missed for the surrounding landscape and the brief but thrilling walk it offers. 
Closer to Kochi is the wonderful Oboke gorge: we cross the river Yoshino on a boat and marvel at how over hundreds of millions of years the river has eroded the rocks of the Shikoku mountains shaping the stone into bizarre shapes.

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    A dìfferent planet
    A dìfferent planet

    There’s nothing quite like a cruise to Japan. The very quintessence of Eastern culture, it has long excited the imagination of the West, with a great many of its joys etched indelibly into the minds of folk who live oceans away.

    Sushi and sake, anime and manga, samurai, ninja and the bullet train: everyone knows something of this island nation’s culture, but there’s far more to discover beyond these highly enjoyable stereotypes. Prepare to be pleasantly disorientated. 

    One of the joys of visiting Japan is experiencing the ordinary ways in which the Japanese aesthetic enters into everyday life. The presentation of food, a window display or the simplest flower arrangement can convey, beyond the walls of any museum or gallery, the essential nature of Japanese art. 

    An MSC cruise to Japan will reveal the major attraction of this “Land of contrasts”; it may be the world’s laziest travel cliché, but those who visit Japan find themselves constantly surprised at the easy co-existence between the country’s past and present. 

    Discover Japan and its unexpectedly beautiful landscapes, its charmingly courteous people and its tangible sense of history and cherished traditions – few will be able to resist the chance to get to grips with its mysterious, yet tantalizing, culture.