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Little San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Travel to Little San Salvador Island in the Bahamas on a Caribbean cruise with MSC Cruises and look forward to powdery beaches and unbroken sunshine in this heavenly island retreat. Exclusive, secluded and all yours to enjoy, Little San Salvador Island (also known as Half Moon Cay), is one of the most beautiful of the hundreds of beautiful tropical islands that make up the Bahamas Archipelago.

It has earned itself a name as one of the most sought-after holiday locations on the planet, and you’ll be sure to agree as you explore its unspoiled splendour. Imagine yourself strolling along the nature trails that crisscross this tiny isle, beach-combing, bird spotting, cycling or playing in the sea, enjoy exciting water sports, including jet-skiing, deep-sea fishing and parasailing. Romance is in the air too, and there’s even a quaint little chapel where couples can exchange or renew their vows.

And it doesn’t end there. Possibilities abound and you can go horseback riding over land and in the sea, swimming with southern stingrays at Stingray Cove, splashing about in the island’s very own Aqua Park or even going on your own personal Watercraft Adventure. All there, right on the doorstep of your MSC cruise liner.

Make this magical island retreat your next holiday destination on a Caribbean cruise with MSC Cruises.

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    Music and islands

    As you arrive on your cruise to the Bahamas – seven hundred islands scattered over 3800 of crystal clear tropical seas in the northern part of the Caribbean – you will discover beaches and interesting hikes in the hinterland, still partly to be explored, as well as lots of sports.

    For those who choose the beach and are travelling with children, Taino Beach, in the area of Lucaya, is the ideal location with its small playground. If you are looking for one of the most isolated beaches in the entire archipelago, an excursion you should not miss is to Blue Lagoon Island: beautiful, crystal clear, turquoise waters and a hidden lagoon.

    A vacation in the Bahamas isn’t a true vacation without an excursion to the historical forts and monuments of Nassau: Fort Montague, the oldest on the island of New Providence; Fort Charlotte, whose cannons have always only fired blanks; Fort Fincastle, which due to its shape resembles a steamship. Music is the other great passion of the inhabitants of the Bahamas: it is the sound track of the life on this Caribbean archipelago.

    Often played live, in restaurants, casinos and even in beach bars. From the most traditional steel drum bands, to rake ’n’ scrape, a music similar to reggae, played with an unusual instrument, a saw; and then calypso, soca and junkanoo.