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The Samoa Islands are one of the most popular destinations in the Pacific Ocean. Their crystal clear water, beaches surrounded by the green of wild nature, and the hospitality of the Samoan people, are the perfect recipe for a dream vacation with MSC World Cruises.

Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa, located on the island of Tutuila, offering a splendor for the eyes thanks to the magnificent mountains and forests that occupy much of the territory.
In the city, you will start off your excursion with the discovery of Samoan culture at the Jean P. Haydon Museum, home to several local traditional artifacts. In the western part of the city lies the picturesque farmer's market where you can find colorful fragrant produce, such as delicious exotic fruits.
During your holiday with MSC on this beautiful island, you will have the chance to explore the western and southern areas, home to Matafao Park, the highest peak of American Samoa, or Tia Seu Lupe, an ancient star-shaped Polynesian burial mound. You will experience a close encounter with the wonders of this place by admiring Flowerpot Rock, an unusual rock formation, while in the background of the capital city, Mount Alava is an excellent destination for your excursions along the ridge and is the official path to the National Park of American Samoa. Not to be missed is a jump into the water of Leone Falls found in the village of the same name, where there is also a basalt quarry, an important archaeological center of the country. Many of the objects and artifacts found in and around the Pacific Rim were carved out of the stone extracted from this quarry.
There will also be moments of relaxation during your MSC cruise on one of the beautiful beaches of Pago Pago, the Alega Beach, an ideal spot for snorkeling, and the super-white Tula Beach. 

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    Away from It All
    Away from It All

    One of the most remote places you will ever visit in the world is Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific Ocean, between New Zealand, Tahiti and the west coast of Latin America.

    After disembarking your MSC cruise ship, you will visit one of the British Overseas Territories and the only inhabited island in an archipelago of four, which also includes the nearby Henderson – in ancient times colonised by Polynesians and now a UNESCO World Heritage site – and two atolls, Ducie and Oeno

    Inhabited by about fifty people, Pitcairn Island has a school, a church, a clinic and a shop, all in Adamstown, the main settlement on the island.  

    Taking an MSC World Cruise is a rare opportunity to visit these isolated five square kilometres, inhabited by descendants of the notorious Bounty mutineers who settled here in 1790. The remains of the ship still lie at the bottom of Bounty Bay, in front of the north coast and not far from the small Pier that serves Adamstown. 

    Several pieces of the ship have been salvaged over the years, like the cannon that you can see on the island’s main road and the anchor. Pitcairn has just one paved road, the others are simple dirt roads, and the inhabitants move around either on foot or with quads and 4x4s.