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The resort island of Corfu, an MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination, is renowned for its rocky mountains, beautiful beaches, and utterly romantic atmosphere.

It’s capital city, also named Corfu, is one of the ancient jewels of Greece. Here you’ll find a Venetian fortress and a UNESCO World Heritage old town boasting winding lanes, bustling bars, towering houses, and heavenly gardens. Discover ancient remains from eras past, scattered throughout the island.
MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:
• Achilleion Palace 
• Corfu’s Beaches
• Palaiokastritsa Monastery 
Travel winding roads lined with olive trees and neo-classical terraces to the magnificent Achilleion's Palace. This MSC Cruises excursion will immerse you in a stately world — the former residence of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Achilleion's Palace is a stunning white mansion, offering delightful gardens and views over the sea. Afterwards, enjoy some leisure time in Corfu for shopping and dining before returning to the ship.
MSC Cruises is delighted to offer an excursion along Corfu's gorgeous coastline. Indulge in some leisure time on Palaiokastritsa’s beaches and take in the natural scenery. Boarding a boat, skim past the hidden gems of Corfu's coastline, including the incredible Nausicaa Cave. Stop at Paradise Beach for an hour of downtime where you can relax on the sand or take a swim.  Afterwards, visit an abundance of natural wonders by boat including the Blue Eye, St. Nikolas Caves, and the Lion’s Head. Finally, return to the town of Palaiokastritsa for shopping and a bite to eat.
Another extraordinary MSC Cruises excursion embarks on a scenic drive through Corfu's orange groves, cypress trees, and pines, to beautiful Palaiokastritsa. There, you’ll learn how kumquats are harvested and turned into liqueurs at a traditional kumquat factory. Perched high on a rocky promontory over the Ionian Sea, the village offers views of the Byzantine Monastery. Decorated with frescoes of religious icons, this historical church is an unmissable spectacle. Next, stop at the town of Makrades to sample meze, wine, and ouzo at a traditional taverna. The inn’s 19th-century agricultural tools and vintage olive press offer a glimpse into a bygone era.

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    Under the protective wing of the gods
    Under the protective wing of the gods

    It would take a lifetime of island-hopping to fully appreciate the 227 inhabited Greek islands scattered across the Mediterranean Sea.
    With sapphire water lapping at rocky coastlines sprinkled with secret coves and sandy beaches, they are the stuff of dreamy travel posters, the very definition of the eulogized Greek summer of sun, sea and sand.

    For anyone with a cultural bone in their body a cruise to the Greek islands cannot fail to inspire. Every culture has left its mark, and almost every town or village has a link to the past, whether it’s a delicately crumbling temple to Aphrodite, a forbidding Venetian fort or a dusty Byzantine monastery decorated with exquisite frescoes. 

    But the call to cultural duty will never be too overwhelming on a Greek islands holiday. The hedonistic pleasures of languor and warmth – swimming in balmy seas at dusk, talking and drinking under the stars – are just as appealing.
    Sprawling, globalized Athens is an obligatory, almost unavoidable introduction to Greece: aside from the show-stopping Acropolis it offers a truly metropolitan range of cultural diversions, from museums to concerts; well-stocked shops; gourmet restaurants and stimulating clubs.