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Traditional Souks and the Grand Socco 

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Settled on the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier, an MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination, is an energetic and multicultural port. This magical Moroccan city is distinguished by its whitewashed Medina, maze of evocative alleys, bustling squares, and fascinating people. Glimpse the Dar el Makhzen palace, the Church of Saint Andrew, Jardins de la Mendoubia park, and the famous Bab Al Fahs gate. Further afield, visit natural wonders including the surreal Caves of Hercules.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:
· The Caves of Hercules
· Traditional Souks and the Grand Socco 
· Tétouan
The Caves of Hercules are located near Cape Spartel, Africa’s north-western point. This exciting MSC Cruises excursion will see you exploring the caves with their remarkable wave-like patterns. Legend has it that the Roman god Hercules rested here after separating mainland Africa and Europe with his bare hands, thus creating the Strait of Gibraltar. After you emerge from this subterranean otherworld, take in the breathtaking panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. 
Visit Tangier’s vibrant Kasbah on an MSC Cruises excursion. This tour is ideal for those with an interest in old-town exploration and colourful Moroccan culture. Wander through the historic quarter and marvel at its ordered chaos before making your way through a labyrinth of narrow streets to its buzzing local food market. Enter the Berber pharmacy to view a vast array of spices, oils and botanicals, or shop the Medina’s bustling square, the famous “Petit Socco”. 
Take an MSC Cruises excursion to the enchanting city of Tetouan, located in Morocco’s  Martil Valley. Surrounded by the majestic Rif Mountains, and distinguished by its whitewashed buildings, the city’s historical old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore Tetouan’s ancient Medina, strolling through the colourful souks. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase local arts and crafts products before watching a folkloric performance.

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    Traditions and tourism
    Traditions and tourism

    cruise to Morocco is ripe with immediate and enduring fascination. Though just an hour across the sea from Spain, it seems at once very far from Europe, with a culture – Islamic and deeply traditional – that is almost wholly unfamiliar.

    Throughout the country, despite the years of French and Spanish colonial rule and the presence of modern and cosmopolitan cities like Rabat and Casablanca, a more distant past constantly makes its presence felt. Fez, perhaps the most beautiful of all Arab cities, maintains a life still rooted in medieval times, when a Moroccan kingdom stretched from Senegal to northern Spain, while in the mountains of the Atlas and the Rif, it is still possible to draw up tribal maps of the Berber population.

    As a backdrop to all this, the country’s physical make-up is extraordinary: from the Mediterranean coast, which you’ll get to know during your MSC cruise to Morocco, through four mountain ranges, to the empty sand and scrub of the Sahara.

    The coast is best enjoyed in the north at Tangier, Asilah and Larache, and in the south at El Jadida, Essaouira. Inland, where the real interest of Morocco lies, the outstanding cities are Fez and Marrakesh. The great imperial capitals of the country’s various dynasties, they are almost unique in the Arab world for the chance they offer to witness city life that, in patterns and appearance, remains in large part medieval.