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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is an enchanting MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination. This charismatic capital is celebrated for its elegant Neoclassical facades, historical museums, and leafy tree-lined boulevards.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including: 
· The Exquisite Tuomiokirkko
· Helsinki Cruise Discovery
· Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
Helsinki, affectionately called the 'White City of the North', is known for its elegant architecture, crafted from aesthetically-pleasing pale granite. On an MSC Cruises excursion, you’ll venture to the old town centre, home of Senate Square and the Lutheran Helsinki Cathedral. Neoclassical in style and shaped like a Greek cross, its rooftop boasts statues of the Twelve Apostles. A tall green dome, surrounded by four smaller ones, is a distinctive city landmark.
Admire Helsinki from the water on a romantic MSC Cruises excursion. You’ll enjoy a leisurely cruise through the beautiful landscapes of this amazing archipelago. Photograph Suomenlinna, an 18th-century UNESCO World Heritage Site fortress, before admiring villas set in stunning natural landscapes. A guide will describe the views as you enjoy a complimentary glass of sparkling wine or a delicious cup of coffee.
Visit the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia on an MSC Cruises excursion — an exhibition and events facility surrounded by majestic rural landscapes. Heated and cooled using solar power and geo-energy, the site houses stunning interactive displays. Admire recreations of the southern archipelago, 40 of Finland's national parks, and the snowy hills of Lapland.

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    Eccentricity and mystery
    Eccentricity and mystery

    Drawing strong cultural influences both from its easterly neighbour, Russia, and from the West, Finland remains one of Northern Europe’s most enigmatic countries.

    It’s a land best known for its laconic, pithy people with a penchant for kicking back in a sauna au naturel, and for its quirky and bizarre annual festivals – indeed its strangeness is a good part of the country’s charm. The Finnish landscape is mostly flat and punctuated by huge forests and lakes, but has wide regional variations. A cruise to Finland will take you to the south whose scenery may be least dramatic, but this is more than compensated by the capital, Helsinki, with its brilliant fin-de-siècle architecture and superb collections of late modern and contemporary artworks, as well as the former capital of Turku, with some great museums and nightlife.

    Stretching from the Russian border in the east to the industrial city of Tampere, the vast waters of the Lake Region provide a natural means of transport for the timber industry – indeed, water here is a more common sight than land, with many towns lying on narrow ridges between lakes. North of here, the gradually rising fells and forests of Lapland are Finland’s most alluring terrain and are home to the Sámi, semi-nomadic reindeer herders.