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The delightful Norwegian port of Åndalsnes, an MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination, is located along Isfjorden in the northern end of the Romsdalen valley. The town is home to Romsdalsfjord, one of the country’s most breathtaking fjords, known for its dramatic peaks and deep blue waterway. With its superior location, Åndalsnes makes an ideal starting point for exciting excursions nearby, including the spectacular Stigfossen Waterfall and the scenic Rauma Railway.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including: 
• Stigfossen Waterfall
• Trollstigen: the Troll’s Road
• The Rauma Railway
Choose an MSC Cruises excursion to Stigfossen waterfall, located in the dramatic Trollstigen region.  Here, you’ll gain access to one of Norway’s most spectacular aquatic wonders, situated 700 metres above sea level. Whether you prefer to tour on a comfortable coach or an electrically-powered Pedelec bike, you won't be disappointed! Stigfossen’s 240 metre cascade can be seen from multiple viewpoints and is surrounded by majestic mountains.
Discover Norway's panoramic magnificence on an MSC Cruises excursion, starting with a scenic coach ride along the enchanting Trollstigen, also known as the 'Trolls Road'. This dramatic route ascends snakelike around the contours of the mountainside until it reaches the highest point – the extraordinary Trollstigheimen. Here, take in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes including the pristine Isterdal Valley. 
The charming town of Åndalsnes is the last stop on the scenic Rauma Railway line. On a magical MSC Cruises excursion you’ll pass atmospheric fjords, rugged mountains, and other extraordinary landscapes. Sit back in comfort and contemplate a terrain marked by the emerald River Rauma and the breathtaking Trolltindane mountain range. Don't miss the opportunity to take a photo of the famous Kylling Bridge, one of the most photographed structures in Norway!

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    The magic of the northern lights
    The magic of the northern lights

    A holiday in Norway is a dream. A dream along a fjord, the most evocative and characteristic natural formation of this land.

    The Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord are listed as part of UNESCOs World Heritage Sites, but it's also worth mentioning the longest of all the Fjords, the 204 km long Sognefjordas well as the Hardangerfjord where cherry and apple blossoms can be seen on the cliff-side during spring.

    But a Northern Europe MSC cruise also means experiencing the spectacular beauty of the Northern lights; while those of you who travel in the summer can admire the spectacular midnight sun, once north of the Arctic Circle. A cruise to Norway also means discovering the culture of two ancient populations: the Vikings, not just pirates and warriors, but merchants, explorers and colonisers who, for over three hundred years until the 11th century governed Scandinavia and the northern Atlantic: and then, the Samis, the natives of these lands, dressed in multicoloured clothes with immense herds of reindeer, who have lived in the deep North for more than 10,000 years.

    Finally, watch out for the Trolls! Many of the places you will visit are named after these legendary creatures: Trollheimen, Trollstigen (with the spectacular Troll’s path), Trollhatten and Trollveggen.