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Bora Bora/Society Isles

The most beautiful atoll in the world

Imagine a volcanic island that emerged from the Pacific Ocean 4 million years ago, surrounded by coral reefs, with a turquoise blue sea, white sand beaches and mountains of black rock.

Welcome to Bora Bora, the pearl of the ocean and the next stop on your vacation with MSC World Cruise. This beautiful volcanic island in French Polynesia is dominated by the Otemanu and Pahia Mountains that distinguish the area and make its appearance unique. An amazing lagoon surrounds Bora Bora, allowing for a dip into the transparent crystal waters on the discovery of incredible marine life forms including rays, sharks, multi-colored fish, octopus and moray eels. It is the ideal place for snorkeling, contemplating the corals on the ocean floor from up-close, and maybe even relaxing to the gentle sound of the ukulele on Matira Beach, considered the most beautiful in the world.
During your excursion organized by MSC Cruises, you will have the opportunity to take a tour of the island to admire the scenery and historical beauty of the place in person, including Marae Faanui, the largest religious temple in Bora Bora, or the American bunkers placed there in memory of the role of the South Pacific during the Second World War. The volcanic peaks also offer the opportunity to go hiking and driving off-road with amazing views of the whole atoll.
In Bora Bora, there is a rich variety of natural beauty to admire that you can even see from above, thanks to a fantastic helicopter trip to take pictures and truly unique videos. You will see a panorama of the lagoon, the bustling center of Vaitape, Toopua and much more. Thanks to MSC Cruises, there are no limits and you can enjoy all of the wonders of the most beautiful island ever. 

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    French Polynesia

    A place where people fell in love
    A place where people fell in love

    Located in the Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia consists of five archipelagos governed by France: the islands of Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier and Austral and the Society Islands. An earthly paradise with white sandy beaches, green headlands and blue azure waters. It is no surprise that European explorers Louis-Antoine de Bougainville and James Cook, who were the first to arrive here, both fell in love with the place so much that they recounted its beauty on their return to the Old Continent.

    Word even reached writers of the caliber of Herman Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson, as well as the painter Paul Gauguin. The latter, after having stayed in Polynesia, left us with magnificent paintings that immortalise moments of life in this seemingly enchanted world.

    The capital, Papeete, is located on the island of Tahiti: don’t miss the covered market. The colonial-style building embodies the colours and scents of Polynesia: exotic fruits and colourful flowers. But that’s not all you can find at the market; you can also buy local crafts, such as jewellery, sarongs, straw hats, made by the Vahine, the typical Polynesian women with long black hair, adorned with flower garlands.