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Cruising to the Most Amazing Nordic Treasures, with our Fjords Cruise Deals

The Norwegian Fjords are undoubtedly among the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, capable of inspiring awe with their majestic beauty and timeless atmosphere.
Norway has over a thousand fjords, Geirangerfjord and the Naerøyfjord being the largest. Since 2005, they have featured in the list of UNESCO heritage sites – and they’re now accessible on an exclusive MSC Norwegian fjords cruise.
The Norway fjords cruise is one of the best ways to visit these earthly and imposing spectacles thanks to the deep water surrounding them, which is both smooth and easy to navigate. During the Norwegian fjords cruise 2020-2021 seasons, you can admire these imposing examples of natural beauty first-hand and from the best possible vantage point.
Via the Fjord waters, it is possible to reach some of Norway’s most beautiful cities, including Bergen. Far-off the beaten path, Bergen is surrounded by the Sognefjord, the second longest fjord in the world which extends for 204 km.
For our adventurous guests, the natural landscape surrounding the fjords, with all their wild and untouched features, are nevertheless easy to explore. Book your Norwegian fjords cruise excursion in advance and you can look forward to special excursion routes, both in the mountains and on the glaciers themselves.
Select itineraries for MSC cruises to Northern Europe include a Norwegian fjords cruise option. For a truly unforgettable holiday discovering the Norwegian fjords and the main cities of Norway, start browsing by passenger and destination above.


MSC Norwegian fjord cruises 2020-2021 are conveniently accessed by ports located across Norway.
Choose from our full list of Norway ports below and find out what they have to offer as destinations that stand in and of themselves.