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Sydney, Australia is a truly cosmopolitan city — a melting pot of European and Aboriginal heritage. This MSC World Cruise destination is celebrated for its iconic Harbour Bridge extraordinary Opera House, and glamorous Bondi Beach.
MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting activities and things to see including:
• The Blue Mountains
• Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
• Rural Outback Experience
The Blue Mountains are named in honour of the region’s beautiful forests which appear blue due to an optical illusion created by eucalyptus oil, water, and sunlight. On an MSC Cruises excursion you’ll visit the charming suburb of Leura before discover this stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stop by the famous Three Sisters rock formation at Echo Point Lookout, the gateway to a vast array of walking trails. Afterwards, ride the amazing Scenic Railway — the steepest passenger train journey in the world!
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a true-blue Australian icon and one of the world’s longest steel-arch bridges. On an MSC Cruises excursion, you’ll get a chance to climb this amazing structure which took 8 years to build in the 1930s! Spanning over 504 m, this magnificent architectural feat overlooks the Rocks, a historic precinct of cobbled laneways, charming cafes, and some of Australia’s oldest pubs. Wander this heritage area after your climb — the perfect place to enjoy a refreshment.
On an MSC Cruises excursion you’ll experience the stunning Hawkesbury Valley, home to the Greater Blue Mountains area and the fascinating Tobruk Sheep Station. On a 50-acre estate, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of an Australian sheep farmer, taking part in their daily routine!  Herd sheep with the help of farm dogs and enjoy an outback BBQ! You’ll even have a chance to crack a whip and throw an iconic boomerang.

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    The land of contrasts
    The land of contrasts

    More than most other developed countries, a cruise to Australia releases your imagination. For most visitors its name is shorthand for an endless summer where the living is easy; a place where the adventures are as vast as the horizons and the jokes flow as freely as the beer; a country of can-do spirit and easy friendliness. No wonder Australians call theirs the Lucky Country.

    The energy of its contemporary culture is in contrast to a landscape that is ancient and often looks it: much of central and western Australia – the bulk of the country – is overwhelmingly arid and flat. In contrast, its cities, most founded as recently as the mid-nineteenth century, burst with a vibrant, youthful energy.

    A holiday to Australia isn’t complete without a look at its most iconic scenery, the Outback; the vast fabled desert that spreads west of the Great Dividing Range into the country’s epic interior. Here, vivid blue skies, cinnamon red earth, deserted gorges and geological features as bizarre as the wildlife comprise a unique ecology. This harsh interior has forced modern Australia to become a coastal country. Most of the population lives within 20km of the ocean, occupying a suburban, south-eastern arc that extends from southern Queensland to Adelaide.